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RSPCA rescues curious cat from pushbike…

It was almost a major cat-astrophe for this poor puss after he got himself stuck in the frame of a mountain bike in London!


Kind van driver

The RSPCA was called in by the Metropolitan Police to help free the trapped black-and-white cat. Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Prisca Giddens rushed to the scene.

“A delivery driver had called police after spotting the puss in a bit of a tight spot,” says Prisca. “He’d tried to free the cat but couldn’t so he called the police, who alerted us. It looks like the cat had tried to climb through the gap between the back wheel and the chain!”


“He was completely stuck, but a kind passer-by stopped and helped me free the feline – luckily he wasn’t any the worse for wear!”

The cat was checked over and scanned for a microchip, but the chip was foreign so she couldn’t get the details. As the puss wasn’t injured, she released him so he could find his own way home.

“He was a lovely cat and just looked a little embarrassed,” adds Prisca.

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