RSPCA and fire crew free frightened fox cub!

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Tiny fox cub rescued from cold, wet drain in London DinahRSPCA 1

London Fire Brigade was called to Horncastle Road in Lewisham after someone heard an animal crying from inside a drain and thought it was a trapped puppy!

The fire crew called the RSPCA, and Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Abbie Fright went along to help.

Cold and scared

“The fire crew quickly realised it was actually a little fox cub who had fallen into the drain and couldn’t get out.” says Abbie.

“Thankfully they managed to release her, and I rushed along to make sure she was okay.”

The little cub, thought to be between four and five weeks old, was frozen with fear and very cold, so the crew gave her some oxygen and Abbie wrapped her in towels and blankets to warm her up.

Abbie says: “The fire crew were wonderful and I’d like to say a big thank you to them for their help in rescuing this little cub. If she’d been in that drain for much longer she may not have made it.”

Dinah doing well

The little cub – who’s been named Dinah – is now being cared for by volunteers at a fox charity.

Trevor Williams, from The Fox Project, says: “Dinah’s doing okay now, she’s got some energy back and has started eating. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to have any underlying problems, so we’re going to introduce her to a new ‘family’ group of cubs over the coming days.”

Photo credit – The Fox Project

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