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Huge tarantula found abandoned in the street

The RSPCA was called to collect the arachnid – the size of a hand – which was found in a plastic box in Leicester by a passer-by.

The spider is a Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula, the third largest species of tarantula in the world, whose leg span can grow up to an impressive 25cm!

Specialist care

 RSPCA Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Steve Smith says: “Despite the sheer size, the spider was not aggressive at all.

“Luckily we have found an exotics specialist, so the spider will now live the rest of their life being looked after properly. It’s worrying that someone abandoned this poor spider in the street like this. These tarantulas live in a warm and humid environment in the wild and need the same when kept as a pet. “It’s likely that this amazing spider was an unwanted pet, which someone decided to get rid of for whatever reason,” adds Steve.

Do your research

Sadly, exotic pets often end up in the RSPCA’s care after people realise they’re not easy to care for, or once the novelty wears off… Here’s more information about exotic animals. spider



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