Oh dear! What a cat-astrophe!

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Look what happens to curious cats!

This poor puss got more than she bargained for when she reached for tasty treats at the bottom a dog food tin – it got stuck on her head!

“The poor cat was struggling to free herself, but with a little bit of gentle persuasion I was able to remove the tin from her head,” says RSPCA Inspector Heather Morris.

Inspector Morris added: “This is something my colleagues and I see all too often. Put simply, litter can be really dangerous to wildlife and pets.

Litter alert

Animals looking for food can get trapped in tin cans and the sharp edges can hurt them.

Always clean and empty food containers, pinch them shut or cut them in half before getting rid of them.

Every year, the RSPCA’s emergency line receives more than 7,000 calls about litter-related incidents and officers often have to rescue animals trapped or hurt by litter.

The black-and white-cat was a bit dazed but thankfully not injured. She wasn’t microchipped so Inspector Morris released her back into the neighbourhood to find her own way home – with a story to tell!



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