Now that’s just batty!

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RSPCA rescues tiny bat from plughole

The RSPCA was called to rescue a tiny bat pup from a plughole at a house in Chislehurst, near London.

Typo alert!

When the person spotted the baby bat in the plughole of their bathroom sink, they called our helpline straight away. But when RSPCA Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Kirstie Gillard was given the message, it actually said ‘rat’!

Kirstie says: “When I arrived I had a carrier that was quite big, ready to transport a rat, and then I found it was actually a tiny bat pup – only half the size of my thumb!

Mini hot water bottles

“I think he must have come in through the window and for some reason went into the plughole. I managed to get him out, but he was really wet! He perked up after I made him some mini hot water bottles using disposable gloves.”

Kirstie took the little bat pup to the Wildlife Aid Foundation wildlife hospital, where they monitored him for a couple of days before he was given the all clear to be released.

“This is the first time I’ve ever had to rescue an animal from a plughole,” smiles Kirstie, “let alone a bat pup – so you could say it’s the battiest rescue I’ve ever had to do!”

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