Musical walkies!

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Survey reveals one in six dog owners SING to their dogs while out on walks!

The survey – done by the RSPCA to mark the launch of our My Big Walkies challenge, happening through October – also shows that 75 percent of owners chat to their dog while out walking.

‘Walk on by’

Just over 91 percent of pet owners polled by the RSPCA don’t just walk in silence while exercising their pooch. While 75 percent like to talk, 16 percent go ‘one step beyond’ and sing to their dog!

‘Picture this’

Our survey also revealed that 33 percent of owners take photos of their dog on every walk!

Dr Samantha Gaines, the RSPCA’s dog welfare expert, says: “It’s great fun walking your dog and watching them enjoying being dogs. Having a conversation, or singing to your dog, shows how relaxing an experience it can be!

Five doggy songs…

Mutt-sterious Girl

Don’t Stop Retrievin’

Who Let The Dogs Out

Bark Side of the Moon

Like a Rolling Bone

…and five doggy bands

Barkstreet Boys

Rage Against The Vacuum

Red Hot Chili Puppies

Manic Street Pooches

The Beagles

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