Get knitting – it’s Wool Week!

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RSPCA calls all animal-loving knitters

Wool Week (which actually runs for 16 days, from 7–22 October this year) is part of the Campaign for Wool’s programme of activities to educate people about the wonderful world of wool and its many uses. And the RSPCA’s getting involved too, by calling on anyone who knits to put their skills to use by whipping up leg warmers for poorly kittens, snuggly nests for baby birds or hedgehogs, and jumpers for chilly dogs!

Snuggling up

John Wilkins, head of volunteering at the RSPCA, says: “The RSPCA has lots of different ways to help animals to recover from injuries and illness. Sometimes they just need a bit of love, comfort and warmth. And that’s where we’re hoping you might come in!

Lots of our centres and clinics use special knitted creations to help orphaned wildlife or poorly pets, and we could always use more! So, if you or your grown-ups fancy helping out this winter perhaps you could break out the knitting needles and make some of our furry and feathered friends something special?

Little knitted nests (like this one pictured at the top) help baby birds to stay warm and cosy while they grow in size and strength.

They can also be used for other orphans including baby hedgehogs (like in the picture below – awwww!).

And here’s Animal action’s new roving reporter, William, when he first arrived at the RSPCA. Thin and cold, staff quickly wrapped him in a warm jumper and set about getting him back to health!

So if you’ve created some warm woolly things, you could find your nearest RSPCA centre, then ask your grown-ups to arrange to donate them.

For more information, check out Campaign for Wool.

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