Trick or treat?

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RSPCA rescues bat from tricky spot!

Just before Hallowe’en a couple rang the RSPCA when they saw a bat in their block of flats.

At first they thought someone was playing a Hallowe’en trick on them, but when they realised the tiny pipistrelle bat was real they opened a window so that he could escape.

However, the flustered bat flew into a wall light and wouldn’t come out!

Spoon rescue

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Kate Wright went out to rescue the bat and found the only way to get him out of the wall light was to scoop him up gently – with a spoon!

Kate says: “The tiny mammal had somehow found his way inside the building and into the corridor – it was lucky the couple noticed that he’d hidden himself in the light shade!

I had to stand on a chair to have a look, and there he was lying underneath the bulb but thankfully not too near to it!

Safe and uninjured

After being safely removed from the light shade, Kate checked him over and saw he wasn’t injured.

I took him outside and released him,” says Kate. “He flew a circle around me before flying away, which I’d like to think was his way of saying ‘thank you’.”

If you ever see a bat that needs help, you can ask your grown-ups to contact the RSPCA’s emergency line on: 0300 1234 999

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