Breakfast time!

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Tiny wood mouse tucks into his porridge

In one of our favourite pics so far in 2017, this young wood mouse is enjoying some creamy porridge from a milk bottle lid at an RSPCA wildlife centre.

Staple(y) diet

The two-inch mouse was found orphaned in Walsall, back in the summer. Thought to be around two weeks old, he was transferred to the RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, in Cheshire, where he was fed a diet of porridge and digestive biscuits to help him grow.

The mouse was fed porridge through a pipette four times a day when he first arrived, but soon started to feed himself from a milk bottle top – the perfect-sized dish for him!

Ready to return…

Lee Stewart, manager at Stapeley, says: “Porridge works well for our orphaned mice – it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals. They get porridge twice a day, and some crumbled up digestive biscuits as part of a cereal-based diet. They will be ready to go back to the wild before we know it!”

Sure enough, this cute little mouse was successfully released back into the wild when he was ready.


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