Warm winter walks

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Tips for keeping your dog safe, snug and happy

The days are getting shorter – and darker – and that means winter is here! But walking in winter can be brilliant so long as you keep warm and safe.

Wet walks

Now I don’t mind cold, rainy and windy weather, but it might put some owners off taking their dogs outside in winter.

Dogs need our exercise to stay happy and healthy so no excuses!

Gather your grown-ups, pop on a scarf, gloves, tough footwear and an extra jumper and off you go!

You and your dog should wear reflective clothing – or have a torch – so traffic can see you easily. It can be quite dark in the UK in winter even in the daytime!

Snowy tips

Keep dogs away from frozen ponds and lakes as they can be very dangerous – ice can break very easily. Even if it looks solid don’t trust it!

Check your dog’s paws after a snowy walk – ice can collect between our pads and that’s really uncomfortable! Putting their paws in a bowl of lukewarm water will gently melt the problem away.

Not long now…

The school holidays will soon be here – hurrah!!

Enjoy the build-up to Christmas!



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