Puppies aren’t presents!

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Christmas isn’t the right time for a new pet, says William

With Christmas coming up, lots of us are thinking about presents. I certainly am! What might Santa bring for me this year? But before you say to your grown-ups “can we have a kitten?” STOP!! Here are a few of my wise words for you at this special time of year

Scary celebrations

Christmas is one of the worst times you could bring a new (possibly young) animal into their new home. It can be noisy with a lot of people bustling around – I know what it’s like in my house! – which is frightening for a new kitten or puppy when they need to just settle in quietly.

Novelty wears off

We all know what it’s like at Christmas – it’s easy to get excited about a gift, only to forget about it a few days later. This is what can happen with pets – the excitement can wear off pretty quickly. Sadly, Christmas and New Year are among the busiest times for the RSPCA with animals being abandoned…

Huge commitment

A lot of people don’t realise how much time and money are needed to care for a pet properly. A rabbit may cost around £25 to buy, but can cost hundreds of pounds in just the first year because you need to think about suitable housing, food, bedding, vaccinations, health checks, insurance… the list goes on!

Merry Christmas everybody!

So, now I’ve said those important things, here’s the rest of my message… have a BRILLIANT time this Christmas! And remember, having a family pet is great – as long as it’s a family decision and everyone understands what the animal needs for a happy, healthy life.

There are hundreds of animals in RSPCA centres waiting for loving homes, so if your family’s ready, why not see who’s in your area? Just go to: – but remember, wait until the celebrations are well and truly over!





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