Phew.. I’m a bit ‘tyred’!

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RSPCA called after a pet rabbit was found in a tyre depot

Workers at the Leeds depot managed to pick him up and made a safe space for him – using a tyre! – while they waited for the RSPCA to arrive.

RSPCA ACO Faebian Vann went along to collect him.

Faebian says: “The beige-coloured bunny was healthy and in good condition, just a little ‘tyred’!

Piglet and Twiglet

We scanned him for a microchip and found his name was Piglet and we got the owner’s details, but when I contacted them it turns out Piglet had been rehomed, possibly twice! And we also found out that he is half of a bonded pair with another rabbit, called Twiglet.”

The RSPCA would always advise owners to keep their pet’s microchip details up to date as soon as they move, or change their telephone numbers. We will be trying hard to find the new owner and get the pair together again.


Faebian adds: “I don’t believe Piglet had been lost for very long as he is in good health. If an owner can’t be found Piglet will be rehomed, and hopefully he can find a new best friend.

Did you know…

Do you have rabbits? Did you know that in the wild, rabbits are naturally sociable and prefer other rabbit company? Good signs that your rabbits are getting along include lying side by side, grooming each other, and seeking each other out for positive interactions.



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