Meet Kenny Leveret!

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This baby hare – known as a leveret – was found alone and close to death but is now doing well at RSPCA Godshill Animal Centre on the Isle of Wight.

He was found in a garden, soaking wet and huddled up in a bush. Only a few days old, he looked like he’d been left alone for some time! The kind person rushed the little leveret straight to RSPCA Godshill.

The dedicated staff at the RSPCA branch worked hard to warm him up and after a while, he began to perk up.  

Getting stronger

The RSPCA branch named him Kenny Leveret, and now, two weeks on, three-hourly hand feeds by staff are helping to build his strength.

The RSPCA hopes Kenny will be ready to release in the summer, on local farmland where there are lots of other hares.

Hare facts

Unlike rabbits, leverets are born mobile, fully furred and with eyes open!

They also don’t live in burrows (warrens) like rabbits and are normally left alone from an early age for long periods of time, hiding in small depressions in the ground called ‘scrapes’. Their mother will return to feed them though, usually around dusk or some time during the night.


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