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RSPCA called to free stuck puss

RSPCA Inspector Natalie Avery had a really unusual rescue when she arrived at a home in Manchester.

A family had called us because a cat had got wedged behind a towel rail in their bathroom – and he wasn’t even their cat!

Panicky puss

“He’d run into their house through an open door,” says Natalie. “Then he panicked and ran into the bathroom to hide in the smallest gap he could find – in a towel rail mounted on the wall!

“The poor cat was very frightened, so I carefully put my hands around him and wriggled him free. I checked him over and, thankfully, he wasn’t injured. He had no microchip or collar so it wasn’t clear where he’d come from, so I released him outside to save him any further stress.

“I suspect he’s a stray who is living in the area or belongs to a local house so I’m sure he’ll find his way home.”

Other strange rescues this year

The RSPCA is often called out to rescue cats who have got themselves stuck in rather awkward situations:

  • We helped a lost puss who’d got wedged between two automatic glass doors at a hotel last month
  • In January, we helped free a stray cat who’d ended up wedged inside a reclining sofa!

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