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A brilliant new RSPCA scheme that helps children learn about animal welfare is being rolled out across England and Wales!

It’s called Compassionate Class and it aims to inspire the next generation – that’s YOU! –  and prevent cruelty to animals in the future.

Importance of animals

Compassionate Class teaches children about the five animal welfare needs and gets them talking about the importance of animals,” says David Allen, head of education and advice at the RSPCA.

The scheme was tried out in schools in Manchester and it proved a huge success! One of the schools taking part was St Alphonsus RC Primary School – and Year Four won the title of Compassionate Class 2018!

Making life better

The kids absolutely loved Compassionate Class,” says teaching assistant Michelle Dolan. “They seemed to get a lot out of it – they learned about the animal heroes who work for the police, sniff out bombs or help their owners with disabilities. They found out how litter can harm wild animals and the everyday things they can do to make life better for the animals around them.”

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