Summer scorcher

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Stay safe in the heatwave!

Now that schools have broken up for the summer you’ll be able to get out and about and enjoy more of the sunny weather we’ve been having this year. But don’t forget the sunscreen, to drink plenty of water and, to be honest, it may be a good idea to stay out of the sun entirely during the hottest part of the day..!

And your pets could need help too!

Hot weather can be hard for dogs, cats and small furry pets, so here are some of our top tips for keeping pets cool in hot weather:

    • Never leave animals in hot cars, conservatories, outbuildings or caravans, even if it’s just for a short while. Temperatures can quickly rise to 47°C (117°F) and they can die
    • Use pet safe sun cream on exposed parts of your pets skin, such as the tips of their ears and nose, to avoid sunburn. If you’re unsure on the right product, please ask your vet
    • Ensure pets always have access to shade and fresh drinking water to help keep them cool
    • Check every day for flystrike if you have rabbits
    • Putting ice cubes into your dog or cat’s water bowl is another fantastic idea
    • Damp towels for your pet to lie on or an ice pack wrapped in a towel could provide a welcome relief from the heat
    • Always check sheds, greenhouses and summerhouses for cats before closing them up. Cats can find their way inside if they’re looking for a cosy spot but could become too hot or dehydrated if trapped
    • Where safe, keep windows and doors ajar to allow a breeze through the house. If your cat lives indoors only, consider different options such as windows with locking mechanisms, which still allow air into the house but also keeps your cat indoors
    • Dogs may also appreciate a paddling pool to splash around in! Take a look at one of the dogs in our care enjoy a dip in the water: 

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