A box of black cats!

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Six cats who were abandoned in a box by a pond in Goudhurst have found their forever home – all together!

The ‘Goudhurst gang’, a pair of two-year-old adults and four nine-month-old kittens were found on a freezing February day, where they had been dumped in the village, in Kent.

Part wild

The cats, five black and one brindle, were thin and not used to people when they came into RSPCA Headcorn cattery. Staff thought they may not be suited to a typical family home.

Katie Toms, RSPCA Headcorn’s Branch Manager, says: “The cats had been through such a tough time already – but their luck was about to change! A lady came forward and offered a home for two of the group, Albert and Victoria. They had started to show interest in human contact and the home she offered included both a large house and a stable yard, which was perfect.

“A week after she adopted them, we heard that Albert and Victoria had settled in brilliantly and she wanted to adopt the rest of the family, so Bagheera, Anabora, Bonny and Betty joined them! All six were very pleased to be reunited and immediately greeted each other with head rubs.”

Stable home

Sally, their new owner, says: “We love black cats. I didn’t expect to get six cats but I just couldn’t leave them! We wanted to give them the option of being stable cats as we have 11 acres of land for them to explore, or they can come inside, but as it has been so hot they have been inside and they’ve really come out of their shells.

“The cats get on really well, it’s such a nice dynamic and I’m really hopeful they will just keep growing in confidence now.”

Katie adds: “Sadly, we do see a lot of abandoned animals coming into the RSPCA but it’s great to see this family group get their happy ending.”



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