Raccoon mischief!

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RSPCA rescues stray raccoon found playing in someone’s garden!

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Laura Metcalf went along to collect the playful animal. She says: “When I arrived the raccoon, who had been running around the garden, climbed up onto a wall!

“He was clearly used to people, so we enticed him into a pet carrier with some treats.”

Escaped pet

Laura took the raccoon to a nearby vet and left contact details at a house where the owner of the animal was believed to live.

RSPCA exotic animals expert Nicola White says: “Raccoons are wild non-domesticated animals and providing for their welfare needs in a typical household environment is difficult, which is why we don’t recommend them as pets.”

Space to climb

Nicola adds: “Raccoons kept in captivity need lots of space within a secure enclosure and need to be given furnishings and enrichment to allow them to carry out their natural behaviour, such as climbing.”

Raccoon facts:
  • Raccoons are native to southern Canada, most of the United States, Central America and northern parts of South America. In the wild, the nocturnal mammals can travel 2.5km or more each night!
  • Since 2016, there have been strict restrictions on keeping raccoons and they can no longer legally be bred or sold, but anyone who already owned a raccoon before August 2016 is allowed to keep them for the rest of their natural life.
  • In the last five years, the RSPCA has taken in six raccoons!

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  1. lerma

    They are sooo cute! i wish I could have a Rocket as a pet. Too bad they are hard to domesticate


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