Nature detectives – part 1!

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Become a nature detective this autumn

During September the garden is bustling with life. Grab a notebook, pen and camera, then explore your garden and the great outdoors to see what you can find!

This week – reptiles

Depending on where you live, you could see slow worms, young grass snakes, smooth snakes, adders, common lizards and sand lizards, who will be emerging now it’s September and may be investigating your garden!

Common lizards

You’re most likely to see common lizards when they’re basking in the sun, usually on logs, rocks, fence posts and dry stone walls. Don’t worry if you accidentally disturb them and they scoot away, if you wait quietly they sometimes come back to their favourite spot. If you’re really lucky you might even see them hunting for their favourite foods, like spiders or moth larvae.

Take care!

You’ll have to move slowly to spot a snake, slow worm or lizard because they are very shy animals. Make sure you don’t pull apart or destroy rock piles, wood piles or other areas they may be living in. It’s much better to ‘stake out’ these places out and see what turns up.

And remember, don’t handle any kind of wild snake, or approach them too closely.

Don’t forget to note down what you have spotted, when and where you saw them and, if possible, take some photographs!

Next time: hedgehogs and foxes


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