Nature detectives – part 2!

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What to see in autumn

During October the natural world is bustling with life. Grab a notebook, pencil and camera, then explore your garden, or the great outdoors, and see what you can find!

This week –  hedgehogs and foxes

These wild mammals probably visit your garden at dusk or while you’re asleep, as they are more active at night.

This summer’s young hedgehogs are now trying to put on as much weight as possible to keep them going through hibernation, so you can help by leaving food out for them. They will appreciate minced raw or lightly cooked meat, fresh chopped liver or tinned dog or cat food (not the fish-based sort).

However, don’t give them milk – it can give them diarrhoea – or bread, because it doesn’t give them enough nutrients. And you never know, if hedgehogs do start visiting your garden for some supper, you could get some great photos if you’re quiet and careful not to disturb them!


Fox cubs will be less dependent on their parents this time of year and you could catch sight of one when it starts to get dark, or even during the day, so keep a camera close by!

Don’t forget to make a note of what you have spotted, or do a sketch, and if possible take some photos!

Next time: insects and arachnids

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