William’s firework tips!

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It’s firework season!

Now’s the time when people start celebrating bonfire night and festivals like Diwali – and that means fireworks!

It’s a fun time of year, but my owner Rachel is thinking about how she can help me and my doggy brother Harry through it. You see, I really don’t like the loud whooshing and banging noises fireworks make!

Many animals are frightened by fireworks, but don’t worry, there are things you can do to make firework season easier for your pets.

Safe places for cats and dogs

At home, Rachel always makes sure I have a safe place to go if I want to hide. This could be under some furniture – or even in a cupboard!

During firework season, Rachel walks us when it’s light and keeps us indoors when fireworks are likely to go off.

Make sure we can’t escape out of the house if there’s a sudden noise. Ask your grown-ups if your pets are microchipped – that way they could be returned to you if they do go missing.

Plan of action

When it gets dark, Rachel closes the windows and curtains and puts on music to hide the pops and bangs – this works for me and Harry! It’s fine to comfort us if it helps us relax, but leave us in peace if we seem to prefer it.

You could make a little pet den for your cat or dog by draping a sheet in a room corner or using a play tent. Put comfy bedding, toys, water and treats in there and then, before the firework season starts, allow them to explore it and get used to being in there. With any luck, they’ll feel safe and secure in there when the noises start.

If you have pets that live outside, like rabbits or guinea pigs, partly cover cages, pens and aviaries with blankets so that one area is well soundproofed. Make sure your pet is still able to look out and give them lots of extra bedding so they have something to burrow in.

William’s top tip:

Why not ask your grown-ups to talk to the vet about how you can help your pet be less afraid of fireworks? They may recommend a pheromone diffuser or a therapy CD.

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