Reunited after five years!

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Tinkerbell, a cat who’d been missing for five years, was reunited with her delighted owners thanks to the RSPCA – and her microchip.

Tinkerbell’s owners had moved house since she went missing, but never gave up hope, making posters and putting photos on social media – and updating the contact details on her microchip – just in case she was ever found.

And she was! Tinkerbell had been living in a greenhouse in someone’s garden.

Contact details

RSPCA Inspector Emma Ellis, who collected Tinkerbell, says: “I could see straight away from the microchip that the cat had been reported lost – I was able to get in touch with her owners and reunite them the same day!

Tinkerbell’s owner, Caroline, says: “When we got the call from Emma I was speechless, I told my Dad (pictured) and we couldn’t believe it. Now it’s as though she’s never been away – although I think it’ll be a while before we let her out!”

Happy ending

Emma adds: “I’m so glad to have been part of this happy story – it just shows how important microchips are.

“Tinkerbell was in great condition so I suspect someone was feeding her during her adventures, but it’s lovely to see her back where she belongs.”

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