The autumn deer rut!

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Did you know that October marks the beginning of the autumn deer rut?

This week we’ve collected some great facts that will help you understand the deer rut a little better:

  • The deer rut is the name used for the deer breeding seasonFawn

  • Species that take part in the autumn rut are red deer, sika deer and fallow deer

  • The males fight other males over the females, locking their sharp antlers together

  • October is the best time to watch their mating battles, especially soon after dawn

  • In the end, the strongest stag (male deer) will chase away all the other males

  • They claim their territory by ‘roaring’, leaving their scent, and strutting their stuff to show their dominance.

  • The three remaining species of deer found in the UK have ruts at different times: Chinese water deer rut between November and December and roe deer between mid-July to mid-August. Muntjac deer are different from the others in that they have no set breeding season and can breed throughout the year.

Remember during this time of year the deer are very aggressive and territorial. Due to this it’s best to keep your distance from these animals so remember; stay back, keep quiet, and don’t get in their way!


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  1. lauren

    I hope the deers don’t hurt each other or themselves.I want to know why they fight.There is enough female!


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