Back to school

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Hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Year!Books, books, glorious books!

Now the holidays are over, it’s time to go back to school! Did you have a good Christmas break?

We bet you’re super excited to see your friends again but remember that your pets still need looking after. You’ll have busy days and will probably be quite tired after school, but dogs still need walking and rabbits, guinea pigs, rats still need nice clean cages, as well as fresh food and clean drinking water.

Let us know what adventures you got up to over the holidays.


Some call me a wise old owl and I'm not one to disagree. I came to Anmal Action Park after I was hit by a car and broke my wing. I made a full recovery though and now I fly around the park quite happily, sharing my knowledge and wisdom with anyone who'll listen. Look out for me telling you lots of interesting animals facts!

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3 Responses to “Back to school”

  1. Isla Cornwell-Oneill

    not much i’m afraid! all my family were poorly, we still got lots of presents though!

  2. Amy

    I didn’t have a good Christmas I was sick were you ok nora

    • Nora Nora

      I’m sorry to hear that Amy. I had a lovely, relaxing Christmas with my brother Horace!


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