Bat’s a surprise!

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RSPCA rescues tiny bat from office stairwell

batthHertfordshire County Council staff found an unexpected visitor when they arrived for work one morning – a pipistrelle bat that had somehow got stranded on the ceiling of their stairs!

They called the RSPCA, and when Animal Collection Officer Kate Wright arrived she found the tiny mammal – only a few centimetres long – clinging to the ceiling 15 feet above her.

Safely released

We can only guess that the bat must have got in through a loose ceiling tile – it was quite a surprise!” says Kate. “Being so small, he was very delicate but I managed to gently scoop him up using a net. I checked him over and he was fine, so I took him outside, planning to let him climb up a tree. But as soon as we were in the fresh air he just flew off!

Good call

The council staff were all really pleased to hear their nocturnal visitor had been safely released,” Kate adds. “We’re glad they called us as the bat could have got into more trouble if he’d stayed trapped inside.”

A Hallowe’en bat fact for you:

Pipistrelles are the most common species of British bat. They don’t usually grow bigger than about five centimetres long, with a wingspan of 25cm. Awww…

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