Make a halloween mask!

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I just love halloween.

My favourite trick is to hide behind a hay bale and then jump out on Cheryl when she walks past. HA HA! Anyway look at this spooky mask that I’ve made. We can scare people and get crafty too!

So, cluck (sorry, click) on the attachment below to open up your template. I warn you now, it’s a seriously scary-looking bat. BOO! Have a look and it will tell you exactly how to make your mask so I don’t need to. But here’s what I did.

1. I snip, snip, snipped out my bat with scissors and then stuck it onto a nice thick piece of card.

2. Then the fun bit – decorations! I went CRAZY sprinkling glitter on with my beak but I still managed to do a pretty good job!

3. Then I added some ears using pipe cleaners and a bit of hair using some fluffy wool, and finally finished off with some elastic so that it stays on your head! I asked Sarah K if she’d model it for me – unfortunately it’s too big for my little head.

Doesn’t it look great?! Why don’t you have a go? If you’re an Animal Action Club member you get an extra three to choose from! A witch, a werewolf and a pumpkin – just take a peek in the latest magazine for the web address. What a scary bunch we’ll make :-).



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5 Responses to “Make a halloween mask!”

  1. Lexi

    I want to answer the door on halloween and stuff,but i don’t think my dog likes it. Any tips to keep him occupied,thanks

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Hi Lexi, is you dog scared of the costumes or the people that he perhaps doesn’t recognise? I would have suggested that he just doesn’t come to the door with you when you open it. Can you keep him in another room? I hope it went ok.

  2. Olivia

    I love scaring people, this Halloween I was a witch and I wore it to school (we all were allowed because it was Halloween day at school) I stuffed my hat with candy, pretzels and monkey nuts and then poured it into my lunchbox and bought it home ha, its all gone now.

  3. grace

    Halloien BOO he he my hamsters hate halooien because they miss us when we go trick or treating!


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