Animal action – Summer – out now!

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Your fun-packed magazine is ready for take off!

Whether you’re home or away, the summer issue of Animal action is hot, hot, HOT! It’s the perfect travelling companion – brilliant features, news and competitions, as well as tonnes of puzzles!

If you’ve been wondering how our new recruits Rufus and Ruby have been getting on, all will be revealed. You can even win your own Rufus and Ruby toys – wow!

Here’s what else we’ve packed in:

MEW LA LA! Monty the cat travels to his new home in FRANCE!

RSPCA TO THE RESCUE…a horse has slipped on a bridge over a stream…but where’s the owner?

GET MOBILE! Top tips for success in this year’s RSPCA Young Photographer Awards.

You’ll find plenty of fundraising ideas in Action for animals, amazing competitions to get you hot under the collar and puzzles to make you sweat! And if you just want to sit back and relax, there’s a great horse poster to put on your wall!

Don’t forget your cute Rufus and Ruby download and no peeking at the puzzles answers, below!

What’s that? You don’t receive Animal action? Subscribe today!!



Hello, I'm Christine and I'm part of the team who work on the Animal Action magazine. I've been at the RSPCA for quite a while and just love being part of such a great organisation. My most favourite animals are dogs and I have a soft spot for Westies.

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  1. Olivia

    They did an assembly with us it was amazing😊☺😀

  2. Aryana

    I only just arrived in the Uk and I love the Summer issue of Animal Action!😊

  3. Alicia

    My Nan works for the RSPCA And loves to help rais money for things


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