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It’s time for you to have your say!

Our brilliant animal action editor Sarah has left the team, so it’s time to find her replacement and we’ve got two excellent candidates for the job. Meet our canine candidates Nora and Woody. This furry pair are regular visitors to RSPCA HQ and both think they’re top dog for the top job.

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Team Nora’s Doggifesto:

Likes: Playing ball; running on the beach; RSPCA Assured sausages; swimming in the sea; sneaking on the sofa; sniffing hedgehogs; Horace, her tabby cat big brother; cuddles; ruling the RSPCA publications office.

Special talents: Posing for photos; getting caked in mud just before a work photoshoot; rolling on my back with my legs in the air; losing my ball in nettles; drowning out the TV with my snoring; sticking my head through the cat flap and barking at the birds!

Why you should vote for me: I’m a fun-loving newshound with a good nose (a black, wet, shiny one actually) for a great story. As your editor, I’ll fight tooth and claw to get the best pictures, fun stuff, competition prizes, puzzles, animal facts and stats, features, RSPCA news, free things and lots more for your favourite magazine! I’ll be reporting on all sorts of beasts and the faithful humans who rescue and look after them. Let me put my best paw forward for you and be your MP (Magnificent Pooch) and I promise free dog biscuits for all! OK, I can’t do that, but it was a nice thought… WOOF!



Team Woody’s Doggifesto:

Likes: Coming into the RSPCA office to see all my friends (two legs and four!); food (I’m the ‘face’ of RSPCA dog food); rolling in fox and cow poo; taking a dip in a river on a long walk.

Special talents: Telling the time – I’m always ready for the RSPCA bun run; giving great cuddles and comforting people when they are sad; sniffing things out (food, hidden toys, cow poo, fox poo, horse poo – you get the picture); happy rolls (running at great speed and then doing a roly-poly).

Why you should vote for me: I had a tough start in life but now I spend my days helping out the RSPCA Campaigns team to make a real difference to animals everywhere. I’m always on paw with a cuddle when needed, which means that people tell me all sorts. Honestly, some of the stories…so you can always be guaranteed the tastiest tit-bits in animal action! My nose is legendary and can sniff out anything, so I will be putting it to better use to find you all the best competitions, animal news, pictures, posters and behind-the-scenes RSPCA antics. Choose me and I will spend the whole day doing happy rolls!

Voting closed on 18th November 2015 – results below!



Vote for your new Animal Action doggie editor!

  • Woody (48%, 241 Votes)
  • Nora (52%, 257 Votes)

Total Voters: 498

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18 Responses to “Vote for the next editor!”

  1. Evelyn Lamond


  2. Nora 07/11/2015

    They are both so cute but I had to vote for Nora

  3. Ruby

    They would both be amazing at the job but I just had to chose Nora because she reminds me of my dog, they have the same personality

  4. lucy

    i hope woody wins because he had a hard time in life

  5. anon

    WOODY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #EVERYBODY LOVES WWOOOODDYY!!!!!!!!


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