Animal Action Park Games

Time to get your brains whizzing now with some games. Test your memory, and your speed, with the Park gang in Park pairs; test your patience and unscramble some gorgeous animal photos in Animal mix-up; and hold your nerve controlling our peckish little robin in Hungry Bryn!

Park pairs

All of the gang have been very cheeky and drawn copies of each other, then hidden and jumbled themselves up! Can you help us find each character and its twin? You only get to turn two cards over at a time so you’ll have to remember who’s hidden where!

Animal mix-up

We wanted to show you some really great animal photos but someone’s snipped them up into 16 pieces! Try and recreate the picture by moving the tiles around - just click on a piece to move it into the empty space next to it. It’s pretty hard but stick at it if you want to see the photos!

Hungry Bryn

Bryn is always hungry so you need to help him collect worms to nibble on. The more worms you eat the bigger Bryn will get, so make sure you grab a strawberry every once in a while to help him stay healthy. Watch out though - there are hot air balloons around and Bryn will hurt himself if he hits one. How long can you keep Bryn going?