A box of black cats!

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Six cats who were abandoned in a box by a pond in Goudhurst have found their forever home – all together!

The ‘Goudhurst gang’, a pair of two-year-old adults and four nine-month-old kittens were found on a freezing February


Off the rails!

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RSPCA called to free stuck puss

RSPCA Inspector Natalie Avery had a really unusual rescue when she arrived at a home in Manchester.

A family had called us because a cat had got wedged behind a towel rail in their


Sooty kitty!

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Kitten rescued after getting stuck up chimney

An RSPCA inspector and a crew from Merseyside Fire Service also got completely covered in soot while rescuing Lola, a young tabby.


Lola’s owner had only recently adopted her and was


Oh dear! What a cat-astrophe!

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Look what happens to curious cats!

This poor puss got more than she bargained for when she reached for tasty treats at the bottom a dog food tin – it got stuck on her head!

“The poor cat was struggling


Great teamwork!

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Cat rescued after getting stuck up huge oak tree!

RSPCA Cymru and South Wales Fire and Rescue Service teamed up to save a cat who’d got himself trapped high up in a tree in Wales.

The RSPCA was called after …


On yer bike!

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RSPCA rescues curious cat from pushbike…

It was almost a major cat-astrophe for this poor puss after he got himself stuck in the frame of a mountain bike in London!


Kind van driver

The RSPCA was called in by the …