Put a sock in it!

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RSPCA officer called out to rescue lizard gets a surprise

An RSPCA officer who went to a house in Coventry to rescue a lizard found in a teenager’s bedroom had to laugh when the reptile turned out to be… a


RSPCA dog predicts Wimbledon winner!

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Five-year-old Murray is tennis-ball mad

Murray, a handsome bulldog being cared for by RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre in Surrey, is a tennis ball fanatic – so staff decided have a bit of fun with some Wimbledon predictions…

Game, set

RSPCA bounces into action!

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Wallaby rescued from roadside in Walsall

The wallaby, who is about 75cm tall, was spotted hopping around in Chester Road by a member of the public, who – unable to believe their eyes – contacted the RSPCA.

Short hop



Just horsing around?

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RSPCA called to rescue… plastic pony!horse2

RSPCA officers were called to investigate claims a horse had been tied on the back of a trailer by the legs – only to find that the filly was a fake and made of


Video: bouncy Buttermilk!

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Oh, you just have to look at this!

This is a seriously, laugh-your-feathers-off-funny video of cheeky goat Buttermilk. She just loves bouncing around all over the place – particularly over her friends. He he – what a funny girl!…