Royal fluff!

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Rescued kittens named after princes and princesses

These little cuties, called Prince Albert, Prince William, Princess Beatrice and Prince Harry were six weeks old when they were discovered, abandoned in a store cupboard in a shop near Southall, in London.


Can I hitch a ride with you?

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Stowaway kittens arrive in a lorry!

A lorry driver travelling from Poland to the UK had a shock when he found four stowaway kittens in the back of his lorry.

Grand tour

The kittens, at only two weeks old,


“So cute” newborn kittens!

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Newborn kittens thriving after being found in a cupboard


It’s thought that the three kittens, then two days old, were born to a feral cat – who possibly abandoned them – in a Walsall factory.

Hand rearing

When RSPCA animal


Happy tails: Tiger and Bertie

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Meet Tiger and Bertie

It had been nearly a year since Amanda Smith’s beloved cat, Dusty, had died and the family decided it was high time they found themselves another pet… or maybe two!


We wanted to