Let’s make pancakes!

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It’s Pancake Day on Tuesday.

Which means that people all across the country will be eating pancakes. And that means that millions of eggs will be gobbled up because pancakes have egg in them! How many hens do you …


Mmmm… it’s Pancake Day!

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Top of the toppings!

Yes, today is Pancake Day. Yippee! Oh I just love pancakes and they’re so easy to make, but I thought I’d ask all my friends what their favourite toppings are. Now, some are savoury, some …


It’s Pancake Day!

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Pancake Day is here!

I’ve got a really easy and yummy recipe for you and your family to enjoy!

Now, I always need help in the kitchen (and I don’t mean from you, Leonardo!), so don’t forget to ask a …