Firework tips from Nora!

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It’s firework season and our owner’s thinking about how she can help my tabby cat brother, Horace, and me.

We don’t like the loud whooshing and banging noises fireworks make! Luckily we don’t live near any public displays, so it’s …


Happy birthday to…

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So, do you know when your pet’s birthday is?

Arrrrghhhh! PRESENTS!

I’m sure you do, but do you celebrate it? Well, if you do you’re not alone, as lots of other pet owners celebrate their pets birthdays too.

A survey done by …

Sarah K

Exotic pets – what’s the problem?

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Think of a pet

I bet your first thought was ‘cat’ or ‘dog’. Maybe ‘hamster’ or ‘rabbit’. It’s unlikely that you thought about snakes and lizards, but actually these animals are becoming more and more popular pets.

So what’s