Raccoon mischief!

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RSPCA rescues stray raccoon found playing in someone’s garden!

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Laura Metcalf went along to collect the playful animal. She says: “When I arrived the raccoon, who had been running around the garden, climbed


Catflap raccoon!

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Egg-loving ‘masked bandit’ is a first for RSPCA animal centre

This raccoon, who ‘broke’ into a house through the cat flap, is now enjoying a stay at the RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Animal Centre.

Masked raider

The raccoon, a native


RSPCA rescue raccoon dog!

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Exotic mammal found loose in Lincolnshire

A lady called the RSPCA when she saw the raccoon dog – an animal native to Asia – hiding in her garden.

RSPCA Inspector Becky Harper went to the scene. She says: “The lady