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Stay safe around dogs

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The summer holidays are here!

Which means you may end up spending more time around dogs, whether your own, or others you may come across when you’re out enjoying the sunshine.

Even if you feel very comfortable around dogs …

Sarah K

Our top pet tips for summer

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Summer can be so much fun

But there are things to bear in mind if you’re a pet owner. Read on for some great tips on keeping your furry friends safe when the heat turns up!

Dog on beach
Steer clear of hot
Sarah K

April/May 2014 animal action – out now!

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animal action cover - April/May 2014

Yes, the next magazine’s on its way!

Are you excited? Well, you’ll be even more excited when you see the adorable kitten on the cover!

So, what’s the kitten all about? Well, it’s a must-read for any new kitten owner. …