Orphan of the storm

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Otter cub doing well after losing mum in Storm Doris

The young cub was found at the side of a river in Staveley, Chesterfield, very tired and calling out for her mum.

RSPCA Inspector Kristy Ludlam arrived to collect her, …


Join the RSPCA!

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The RSPCA is THE biggest animal rescuer

And you can see just how busy we were in 2015 by taking a peek at this video.

What can you do to help?

JM pack 2015 - web

Why not become a junior member? You’ll get …


Brave Cheetah!

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Meet Cheetah

This adorable cat had his leg crushed by a car, and the driver didn’t stop! Sadly, we think he’d been dragging his crushed leg for days, which would have been really painful.

Happy ending

Luckily, staff …