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Dogs deserve better

Pug in kennels © RSPCA

There’s been a lot of media coverage recently about ‘brachycephalic’ dogs (dogs with short, flat faces), because many of them suffer from serious health issues. In recent years the popularity and ownership of these dogs had grown drastically, fuelled in part by their increased use in advertising and the media.

Although their squishy faces and big eyes are often considered cute or comic, sadly these features can cause painful health problems and prevent dogs from being able to enjoy normal … continue reading ››

Take a chance on a senior pet: Golden Oldies

Sue Walters

Sue Walters, manager at RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey has worked here for 30 years. Over the years she’s cared for thousands of animals from newborn kittens to elderly dogs.

What it’s like to care for an older animal

To celebrate some of the Golden Oldies in our care, Sue gives some insight into what caring for an older animal is really like…

We see so many animals come through our doors but there are some animals that … continue reading ››

How do you humanely kill a lobster at home? You don’t.

Lobster in the ocean

You may have read recently that Switzerland has announced a ban on boiling lobsters alive, but did you know that here in the UK, lobsters aren’t protected at all?

Whilst other sentient animals in the food chain such as pigs and chickens are protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006, lobsters, squid, crabs and crayfish are completely unprotected – something we’re lobbying to change.

Our team of technical specialists at the RSPCA, backed by growing scientific evidence, have … continue reading ››