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Rehabilitating baby badgers at our wildlife centers


Although every wildlife assistant at Stapeley Grange is capable of caring for any wildlife species that arrive at the centre (from hedgehogs to badgers), all our staff also have personal, specialist knowledge of certain species.

Jenny Derbyshire plays a leading role in rehabilitating badger cubs and is the ‘go-to person’ for all things badgers. A challenging but worthwhile job, Jenny takes us behind the scenes at the wildlife centre…

At Stapeley Grange, I have what I believe to be … continue reading ››

Speaking with Radio 4 about prohibited dog law

A pit-bull terrier in an empty concrete pen © RSPCA

The BBC recently requested data from UK police forces about the number of dogs seized on suspicion of being a prohibited type of dog.

They’re also collecting data on the length of time these animals are detained for. In light of this, Radio 4 kindly interviewed Sam Gaines, head of companion animals and dog welfare expert, to talk about what this data reveals.

Here’s Sam’s take on the figures, considering the cost incurred by dogs, owners and the public … continue reading ››

When the going gets tough on racehorse welfare

David Muir RSPCA Race horse welfare consultant

Every year in April, the focus of the public turns to the Grand National, but for horse racing consultant David Muir and the RSPCA equine inspectors, it is the culmination of months of advising, monitoring and working to try to get every horse through the race unscathed.

It’s safe to say that for them all, the race itself is one of the longest and most intense nine minutes to endure, watching each horse intently in the hope they make it … continue reading ››