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Introducing rabbits Reggie and Flossie

Rabbits Reggie and Flossie living side by side  © RSPCA

Branch manager Susie Hughes and adopter Heather Pinchien share their story of bonding rabbits Reggie and Flossie.

Heather originally fostered Reggie for the RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch after he was removed by RSPCA inspectors from a multi animal household. Reggie had been kept in poor conditions and had only been fed bread – not a suitable diet for a bunny.

At around three months old Reggie was very tiny and had clearly failed to thrive. Nonetheless his loving … continue reading ››

‘We’re all going on a summer holiday…’

Child and black labrador standing on the beach © RSPCA

Our pet dogs are part of the family so it’s great that so many families choose to holiday in the UK and take their canine companion to join in the fun.

There are lots of lovely parts of this country which can best be enjoyed and explored by walking so holidaying closer to home is a great opportunity to get out with your dog and see what the UK has to offer.

But before you arrive at your destination, you … continue reading ››

Moving into the 21st century with the Animal Welfare Act

Cat at animal centre receiving veterinary care

Ten years ago, optimism was the word when, after four years of discussion and decades of hope, the first overhaul of the animal legislation in England and Wales for 96 years came into effect in the first week of April 2007.

The law brought animal welfare into the modern era with prevention at the core of the law as it allowed animals to be saved before suffering took place.

It also allowed legislation to be updated faster, the government setting … continue reading ››