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Circus licensing – someone’s telling porkies, but who?

Tigers Performing in a circus

A spokesperson for the Great British Circus, Bernard Bale has suggested live on radio this week that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), are in the process of inspecting all the remaining circuses with wild animals, stating  “Defra, within the last two weeks have been inspecting every circus with animals and [we ] have given an absolute clean bill of health”.

This has come as a surprise to animal welfare organisations calling for a ban on wild continue reading ››

New chief exec launches five bold pledges

Gavin Grant and Lucy the six-year-old dalmatian © RSPCA

Welcome to our very first post brought to you by our new chief executive, Gavin Grant:

Launch of our five pledges

It’s great being back at the RSPCA after 20 years – and at such an exciting time!  Today we launch our five Pledges to help companion (pets to you and me!), farmed, research and wild animals.

Our pledges are challenging but need to be met. Talk to our terrific inspectors or visit our rescue centres and hospitals as I … continue reading ››