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If only Baby could ‘say goodbye to the circus’…

Courtney Brother Circus

I was so disheartened to see the BBC’s comedy angle on the coverage of the circus elephant in Ireland, Baby, who made a temporary break from her life in the circus, only for her keepers to re-capture her.

Personally the sight of men running after an animal with what looked like a bull hook(a weapon used to intimidate animals) doesn’t doesn’t make me laugh. It’s simply a depressing reminder that wild animals like Baby unfortunate enough to be part … continue reading ››

Enforcing animal welfare laws at Ramsgate port

This morning senior RSPCA Inspectors and an experienced vet were inside the Port of Ramsgate. They were there to enforce our policy of ‘zero tolerance of animal abuse’ for shipments of live animals to the Continent.

Our officers will ensure animal welfare laws are being obeyed. And today they issued two formal animal welfare warning notices for breaches by hauliers. These included notices for non working fans on their vehicles.

We will also check that government inspectors are doing … continue reading ››

Wildlife in spring

To many people spring means lambs, images of colourful Easter eggs, the smell of newly-cut grass – or perhaps the day you need to break open the packet of hayfever tablets. To others it’s the first daisy, the first bee, frogspawn on the pond.

To my colleagues in the wildlife science department, spring means:

“The first migrants – chiffchaff, sand martins and sandwich terns”

“Sun, new life, green buds!”

“Butterflies fluttering, birds singing and moorhens building nests”

As a … continue reading ››