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Did you watch Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket?

Bull dairy calves shipped from Kent © Andrew Forsyth / RSPCA Photolibrary

If, like me, you watched Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket on Channel 4 last night you will have seen shocking footage of male dairy calves being slaughtered just because they were the ‘wrong sex’.

Male dairy calves can’t produce milk and those that aren’t used for beef or breeding are sometimes shot soon after birth because they aren’t considered to have any economic value.

Slaughtered or shipped abroad

So very sadly these three calves are not alone; last year in … continue reading ››

Finding temporary homes for young horses

10-month-old Elf © Joe Murphy / RSPCA photolibrary

At a very young age I was given the choice of a weekly horse riding lesson or joining the Brownies – my mother always wished that I had joined the Brownies!

From my first horse riding lesson I developed an absolute passion for horses which has stayed with me.

Having worked with horses before joining the RSPCA I gained a lot of experience in many aspects of the equine world which has led to my current role in the North … continue reading ››

Thank you for making RSPCA Live a great social event

Behind the scenes of RSPCA Live © RSPCA

Now that the madness of RSPCA Live is over, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few behind-the-scenes snippets to show what it was all about!

For those of you who may be wondering: “what’s RSPCA Live?”, put simply, it was our biggest ever digital event – spanning across Facebook and Twitter.

The weekend event was chock-full of interactive content, from quizzes and Q&As to fabulous photos and informative videos. There was even the opportunity to pledge … continue reading ››