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What Bugs a Bunny?

Black and white rabbit © RSPCA

Now there’s a question! And here’s an answer – in a recent poll, less than one in ten people knew that a rabbit’s main food should be hay or grass. I’m not a great one for general knowledge myself, so I don’t blame anyone for not knowing things – but that was a bit of a shocker!

As my friend Mike ‘Bugsy’ Malone puts it – “When you see a rabbit out of your car window, what do you think … continue reading ››

Dogs are not Barbie dolls


I was so disheartened to see Emma Watson with, Darcy, a puppy who had been deliberately dyed pink  resembling a pocket-sized My Little Pony.

Already, I’m seeing reports in the media of a ‘new craze’.  This phrase makes my heart sink as I remember the craze for owls that was inspired by the Harry Potter films a few years ago. Like so many other trends, owners quickly realised that these animals, bought on impulse, made wholly unsuitable pets and they … continue reading ››

My view on dog ownership

Gavin Grant with a dog who has suspected fighting injuries © RSPCA

‘My view’ was sent to The Sun by Gavin Grant, the RSPCA chief executive, in support of the launch of their Safer Dogs Campaign.


As RSPCA boss it’s no surprise that I’ve had dogs all my life. One of them was a cross Staffie bull terrier. I had him when my first two children were young and my elderly dad was living with us. I love animals but there was no way I’d have let a … continue reading ››