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We gave a home to an adult rescue cat…could you?

Pepper on the day she came home from Patcham

I’m in love. Completely besotted. And I’m not talking about my husband (though I love him just as much, obviously).

The lucky recipient of my adoration is our newly adopted cat, Pepper.

She chose us as her new family as we walked through the doors of the cattery at the RSPCA Sussex, Brighton and East Grinstead Branch Animal Shelter at Patcham.

She came running to see us as we approached her pen, and we knew she was the cat for … continue reading ››

Keeping wildlife safe – top tips for anglers

Photograph by Insp Hickman @ RSPCA

Where has this year gone!?!  The summer holidays are upon us already, which means more time for leisure activities and sport.

A popular activity in the summer months is angling, which unfortunately is causing one of the most serious problems affecting wildlife at the moment: fishing litter.

Dispose of fishing litter carefully

Fishing litter is responsible for the injury of thousands of wild animals every year.

The kinds of incidents I’ve seen include:

Why I pack a higher welfare picnic

Picnic basket on a picnic blanket outdoors on grass © Jo Ann Snover / iStockphoto

Sandwiches, mini sausages, pork pies, scotch eggs, cakes and strawberries! These are just some of the items you may be packing in your picnic basket in the coming weeks as we take advantage of the sunny weather and head outside to eat!

But how about having a go at making one of your picnic favourites from scratch – whipping up a quiche or rolling your own sausage rolls? Not only will you be able to include all your favourite ingredients, … continue reading ››