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Supporting the campaign for honest food labelling

I’m very careful about what animal products I buy because I want to be sure I don’t unwittingly support farming conditions that don’t provide for the animals’ needs. So it’s fair to say I spend a good chunk of my life standing next to supermarket shelves, deciphering labels and ingredients lists.

I’m vegetarian and my husband Liam (occasionally) eats meat, but only the highest welfare possible. So you can guess how long our weekly food shop takes! It can be … continue reading ››

A Great British Triumph?

One of England’s last remaining circuses with wild animals has confirmed that it will end its use of animals.

The news came from circus owner and all round great guy Martin Lacey (Don’t click on this link if you’re upset by colourful language), who in an online post advertising a number of trained wild animals for sale, states “[I] have decided to finish now”.

I, as I’m sure many of you will, have mixed feelings at this news. I have … continue reading ››

This is Appleby Horse Fair 2012

The Appleby Horse Fair sees the biggest operational deployment of RSPCA Officers in England and Wales.

This year was a unique experience for all.

Cries of ‘Look out! Look out!’ cut through the clatter of horse’s hooves clapping down on greasy tarmac. One of the racing Sulkies, a lightweight cart, is out of control, its driver having underestimated the difficulty of the wet conditions. Spectators scatter as horse, cart and rider all disappear down into a nettle infested ditch. Two … continue reading ››