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People in power preventing animal cruelty

Holstein calf © istock photo

This week we’re seeing people power in action preventing animal cruelty.

Saying no to live export

Today we announced that the port of Ipswich has followed Ramsgate in saying “no” to the dire trade of live export.

I thank APB and Thanet Council for putting the legal responsibilities of their “duty of care” to the animals before the income from the trade. The shipping of sheep for ritual slaughter and two week old calves to illegal veal crates has … continue reading ››

Give farmed ducks bathing water!

Bell drinker

Ducks are water birds!

Watching ducks in the wild, you will often see them standing at the waters edge cleaning their beautiful feathers, preening and splashing water on to their bodies. Yet, as the UKs third most farmed animal for meat – millions are denied the opportunity to bathe in water and sadly the situation is getting worse.

And it’s not just common sense that shouts ducks need water – there is a wealth of animal welfare studies that highlight … continue reading ››

Badger cull petition reaches 100k!

On arrival at wildlife centre

Team Badger

The RSPCA and our partner groups in Team Badger have all been flat out for the last few months, rallying the troops and trying to make the government understand that we will not sit by and allow the slaughter of a large portion of England’s wildlife to go unchallenged.

A staggering 113,000 of you (the number rises on an hourly basis) have signed the Number 10 petition in the past fortnight, meaning that the 100,000 milestone is well … continue reading ››