Heroes helping horses in high water

RSPCA flood rescue team leading horses to safety @ RSPCA

Heavy rain and high winds have once again battered much of England and Wales. But I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. Even if the flooding didn’t happen near you no doubt you’ll have seen those affected on the news.

If you are a dog owner like me, you will have spent much of the weekend trying, unsuccessfully in my case, to pick the perfect time to take the dog for a walk between downpours.  But whilst I have been doing my very best to keep my dog out of the driving rain for fear of us both getting wet, many animals haven’t been so lucky.

Horses rescued from floods

Inspector Michelle McNab leading a horse to safety @ RSPCABetween Thursday and Sunday the RSPCA’s national hotline received 485 flood related calls for help, the majority of these in the South West, Wales and Midlands.

In the picture on the right you can see Inspector Michelle McNab wading through freezing flood water in Melton Mowbray,  Leicestershire to lead a horse to safety during a rare moment of sunshine.

A further four horses were rescued by RSPCA officers from a flooded field in nearby Barrow upon Soar. The horses were unable to feed and the owner couldn’t get through the flood water in order to move them.  All four horses were successfully lead to safety and reunited with a much relieved owner.

More wet weather to come

As the rain continues many of us will be doing the very British thing of moaning about the weather and taking shelter wherever we can find it.

But please, as you hide under your umbrella, or pull your collar up on your coat, spare a thought for those animals unable to find sanctuary and those brave enough to rescue them, whatever the weather.

To read more about real incidents our inspectors are responding to right now follow @RSPCA_Frontline on Twitter.

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