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Hand-rearing Jack Russell puppies

Jack Russell puppies Paige Pickle and Pudding © RSPCA

Say hello to Pudding, Paige and Pickle who, with Denzil, Ruby and Phoebe arrived at Southridge Animal Centre at just 11-days-old.

My name is Mona and I’m the deputy manager at Southridge. I want to tell you the tale of these six Jack Russell rascals.  A tale which began when they were abandoned in a box, at an RSPCA shop, without their mother to feed them.

Rehabilitating tiny pups

When the puppies arrived we were short staffed and dealing with … continue reading ››

Autumnal hedgehogs

Hoglets at East Winch Wildlife Centre © RSPCA

My name is Jo and one of my responsibilities at East Winch Wildlife Centre is to ensure that animals are returned to the wild as quickly as possible once they are fit and healthy.

Our most numerous patients are hedgehogs with approximately 700 admitted last year. Many of them are brought in to us during this time of year when small juveniles are struggling to find enough food prior to hibernation and are found wandering around in the day, … continue reading ››