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No return to cruelty…

hands off the hunting act

What a brilliant few weeks it’s been for the RSPCA. Last week we and compassionate people around the country celebrated the RSPCA’s first prosecution of a mounted hunt as the Heythrop Hunt pleaded guilty to four charges of intentionally hunting a fox with dogs on several occasions – an activity illegal under the Hunting Act.

Since then we’ve seen overwhelming support from the public as we stood up to those who seek to harm animals in the name of ‘sport’ continue reading ››

Rudolf finds his feet – and the camera!

The rather wobbly looking orphaned roe deer in the video below was captured on film during rehabilitation at our West Hatch Wildlife Centre.

Cameras are placed in the rehabilitation pens which allows staff to monitor the animal’s behaviour without the risk of the animal becoming used to humans. Plus the animal is more likely to demonstrate natural behaviour (including showing any abnormal behaviour or injuries) when undisturbed. In the case of this fawn behaving naturally involved getting up close continue reading ››

Don’t worry badgers….we got your backs!

Stop the cull

The problem of bovineTB in cattle, will not be solved by killing badgers.

We believe that the public have been presented with a false choice between saving cows and saving badgers. We want to save both, but without culling badgers which won’t work and could actually make matters worse! We’re for cows AND badgers.

Join us in the fight against bovineTB in 2013!

In the meantime, watch and share this cute video!

Don’t worry badgers. We got your backs!

#stopthecull… continue reading ››