Don’t worry badgers….we got your backs!

The problem of bovineTB in cattle, will not be solved by killing badgers.

We believe that the public have been presented with a false choice between saving cows and saving badgers. We want to save both, but without culling badgers which won’t work and could actually make matters worse! We’re for cows AND badgers.

Join us in the fight against bovineTB in 2013!

In the meantime, watch and share this cute video!

Don’t worry badgers. We got your backs!

Stop the cull

Violet Donohoe
RSPCA’s political campaigner


5 Responses to “Don’t worry badgers….we got your backs!”


    Alot more cattle could be saved if the farmers didn’t kill their own live stock such as cadbury dairy farmers killing young bullocks the day they are born because they are of no use. Young bulls ripped away from their mothers before they are weaned to fend for themselves in muddy disgusting fields and the attitude is, if they die they die because they havn’t paid much for them it doesn’t matter. This is not the attitude of all farmers but it was the attitude of the one near me where 8 tiny young baby bullocks died before DEFRA eventually removed the herd. The RSPCA have this farmer on speed dial. Now he has horses wading in the mud.!!! I would think more cattle die these 2 ways than by bovine tb.

  • Hilary Webster

    Please don’t let them cull such an iconic and beautiful creature. There are alternatives to dairy and meat, badgers have no choice at all. Keep up your great work RSPCA!

  • Maggie Boyle

    If we can devise an oral rabies vaccine for wild animals
    we can devise one for TB in badgers and the other wild animals which have TB (see
    Cattle can be vaccinated too. (Humans already get vaccinated for TB). Then there won’t be a TB problem in cattle. No culling required, no killing of cattle required.
    The reason we haven’t got a vaccine yet is because of European Politics (see above post in Farmers Guardian). Shame on the politicians. Let’s get this approach discussed.

  • Richard Allen

    That badger on his back has been overeating!
    More seriously – the evidence to support badger cull doesn’t exist. Why are we so keen to kill animals rather than vaccinate them? Is it possibly because, unable to chase foxes and murder them, some people have to have some wild animal to kill?

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