I absolutely love my job with the RSPCA inspectorate!

 Ferret in pen Leybourne Animal Centre © RSPCA photolibraryMy name is Liz Braidley I have worked for the RSPCA now for five years, first as an animal collection officer and now in my current role of animal welfare officer.

My work consists of a mixture of animal welfare work dealing with cruelty complaints, collections and rescue work. I have dealt with a variety of different animals from the normal cats and dogs to spiders, snakes and raccoons!

My main passions however are small animals mainly rabbits, ferrets and wildlife, which is my main interest in and out of work.

I absolutely love my job, everyday is different and there are always new things to learn and bigger challenges to overcome. So here I aim to give you an insight into the work that myself and my fantastic colleagues do every day. I hope you enjoy!

Unloved loving dog

Earlier this week I got a call at about 7.00pm about a dog tied up in a garden with no shelter, water or bedding, the call stated no one had been seen for two days. When I arrived there was no answer at the door but I could see at the back of the house there was a Staffordshire bull terrier on a chain in the middle of the garden.

It was freezing at -3 and there was snow all around her, no water and no available shelter at all!

Despite being in this awful situation she is a truly lovely dog and greeted me with a wagging tail when she saw me. I eventually got an answer at the door and spoke with the owner who promptly signed the dog over to the RSPCA admitting he could not cope with the dog and was no longer able to care for her properly. This dog loves a fuss and a cuddle. She was taken to our kennels and given a warm comfy bed plenty of food and water. She is now waiting to be rehomed.

Searching for spaces

Another memorable job this week was involving 19 ferrets which a colleague had removed from a house along with 12/13 dogs. After counting boys and girls, all of which were in good health, I spent all day ringing around trying to find places for them all over the North of England which I can tell you is not easy. Most places are full and I got more no’s than I could count which is very frustrating.

I managed to find places for 10 on that day so transferred them all to one of our centre’s for an overnight stay, trying to feed and water 19 ferrets which are all starving and thirsty if no easy task! But, after full stomachs they got curled up together in there blankets to sleep.

The following day I managed (I am still not sure how) to find nine more spaces and the ferrets were transferred all over by one of our drivers and myself just in time before the snow hit our area. After enquiring they are all doing well and will be going up for adoption soon. :)

Staffy’s, cats and wildlife

Staffy rescued by AWO Liz Braidley © RSPCAThese are just a couple of incidents this week… I have also signed over a further three dogs – all Staffy’s from owners no longer able to cope; collected several injured wild birds; caught two cats using one of our cat traps after the owner had sadly passed away, the cats were very nervous and had been put outside so the neighbour used our trap and both cats aged approx 15 years each are now safe at our local animal centre.

I also got to see some cats go to their new homes, the four cats were removed by myself and a colleague from a house after living in filthy conditions with nothing, the incident was so bad that this is under investigation by an inspector colleague. The cats looked amazing after their stay at the animal centre, the new owners were lovely and had bought them loads of new toys and beds so I am sure they will be very happy!

These are just a fraction of our jobs this week. The snow has now hit our group and caused chaos for everyone however we remain on duty 24-hours and will be out there for those animals that need us to be. :)


5 Responses to “I absolutely love my job with the RSPCA inspectorate!”

  • Stuart

    You are so lucky to have such a rewarding job. I would love nothing more than to do a job like this. I do PR activities for dogs and animal welfare in my free time but would love to do this on a full time basis. Unfortunately I can never seem to find any vacancies.

    Keep up the excellent work and promoting your work. It really is making a difference

  • Zoe Wilson

    I currently volunteer for the Potters Bar Hatfield and Barnet branch of the RSPCA and would love to do this job but never see AWO vacancies advertised – where is the best place to look for vacancies in the South East/London ?

    • RSPCA Official

      Hey Zoe. Thank you for being one of our fantastic, and valuable, volunteers! If you’re interested in become a member of our inspectorate the best thing to do is keep an eye on our job vacancies. Good luck!

  • Dairy Planner

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  • Andrew Werking

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